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Supporting Information

Dr. Freyd runs multiple websites that provide information on recovered memory and trauma.

Home website: 

University of Oregon page, includes list of academic publications: 

Center for Institutional Courage: 

What about recovered memories?:

Jennifer Fryed

Emerit Psychology Professor and Researcher


Leading psychologist researching recovered memories, who pioneered the theory of Betrayal Trauma.


Jennifer Freyd is a leading psychologist researching sexual violence, trauma, childhood abuse, and institutional betrayal. She pioneered the theory of Betrayal Trauma and wrote a book on the subject titled Betrayal Trauma: The Logic of Forgetting Childhood Abuse. Later on in her career, Dr. Freyd founded the Center for Institutional Courage, an organization that works to create accountability and equity in institutions.


Throughout the recovered memory controversy, Dr. Freyd has been a strong advocate for people recovering memories of childhood abuse, giving worldwide lectures on the subject.

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