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D.M.M. v. Pilo



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In a 1996 case involving a 39-year old Canadian actress, D.M.M. “[r]emembered repeated abuse by her family doctor when she joined Alcoholics Anonymous after years of heavy drinking….[In March, 1996] a provincial justice ordered Leo Pilo, M.D. to pay her $95,000—despite the testimony of FMSF advisory board member and psychiatrist Harold Merskey, who suggested that D.M.M. was probably suffering from “‘false memories.’” D.M.M.’s accusations were supported by four other women who said Pilo had sexually abused them in childhood. Pilo’s medical license had been previously revoked in a separate proceeding in which he admitted the women’s charges.” (Katy Butler, “The Latest on Recovered Memory,” Family Therapy Networker, Nov/Dec 1996: 36, 37). (Broken Links Criticism by affiliates of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Full text of the relevant legal documents in response.)


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