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State v. Wilson


Type of Case: Legal

Location (State or Country): Iowa

Civil or Criminal: Criminal

Form of Corroboration: other victims, childhood medical records


State v. Wilson was a 1990 criminal suit from Polk County, Iowa, in which Thomas Dean Wilson was convicted for incest and third-degree sexual abuse of his daughter. Of the daughter’s memories, McCartan of the Des Moines Register said, “The trauma was so great that she was unable to remember for eight years—and then only after months of therapy” (McCartan). In discovery significant corroborating evidence was uncovered, including ‘inappropriate advances’ made by Wilson toward another minor in his role as a church chaperone, and a former teenage babysitter for the family who had had repeated sexual relations with the defendent. Additional corroboration of the abuse towards his daughter were found in her childhood medical records.Twelve jurors found Tom Wilson guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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