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Herman Ohme

Accused Father, FMSF supporter
Lobbyist and organizer for the False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Accused of abuse by his daughter in 1992, Herman Ohme was a behind-the-scenes activist involved with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. He rarely appeared in media or publications. However, he coordinated various initiatives for the FMSF, organized nationwide lobbying efforts between state chapters of the FMSF, taught other accused parents how to lobby at FMS conferences [1], and created a packet for the FMSF titled "Lobbying Made Easy" [2]. He also played a key role in organizing conferences for the foundation, such as the "Day of Contrition" conference hosted in Salem.

Ohme described himself as "the silent man behind the scenes who was going to change the CAPTA law” [3] who was “acting alone and quietly… to lobby key TX senators and sponsor legislation.” [4] When Dorothy Rabinowitz offered to write an article about his work with the FMSF, Ohme “told her that I could not do it because it would blow our cover.” [3]

Herman Ohme ran “a *private mail list* of over 300 activists, FMSF families, experts (Pam Freyd, Beth Loftus, Ofshe, Barden, and many more) that I send all the current news to each day...via e-mail.” [5] This list was used for private coordinated efforts by the FMSF across a motivated and trusted group of FMS activists who were “extremely well connected with all the power players in the media industry...and politics in NYC & CT(your area) and everywhere else that matters.” [5] In one instance, Pamela Freyd asked Ohme to distribute an article that contradicted FMSF views to people who would write and publish a response; “Herm, can you see that Debbie Nathan sees this [article]… If you think of others who are good letter writers you could ask them too.” [6] Ohme sent the message and article to a personal email list he managed that consisted of hand picked FMSF members.
In 2002, Ohme instructed members of his email list to vote multiple times in various newspaper polls related to FMSF issues, as it was “important in winning the propaganda battle with the press and the public.” The email’s subject line read “VOTE dozens not just once.” Ohme offered “If you need specific directions on how your browser can be set and the strategy to vote multiple times email me and I will send instructions.” Readers were specifically instructed “DO NOT SEND THIS to any general list.” [7]

Herman Ohme was the national co-chairman for the National Association for Consumer Protection in Mental Health Practices (NACPMHP), an organization that headed the FMSF’s lobbying efforts and united the leaders of 38 FMSF state chapters, [1] which shared its address with the Illinois FMSF chapter. [8]

You can read about the lobbying efforts headed by Ohme at this page [FMSF lobbying]. It includes laws they targeted which had nothing to do with recovered memories, Ohme’s personal attack on the mandatory reporting of childhood abuse, and legislation affecting all types of therapy they tried to pass.

Revenge and Revulsion: Quotes from Ohme
Ohme conflates being accused of sexual assault with the 9/11 attacks. “If America felt revulsion and confusion on September 11th, our FMS parents had known those exact feelings years earlier when they opened and read the letter from their adult child undergoing repressed memory therapy, now commonly known as the ‘Letter of Accusation’” [1]

“I also wanted some personal revenge against my daughter's "Christian" Therapist… After three months of non-stop complaints from me, the "Christian" therapist lost her job and left Austin, left Texas, and returned to her home state of KY...I then registered the same complaints against her with the KY State Licensing Board so she could not poison KY patients. My vendetta against her therapist drove a wedge of hatred between my daughter and me. She wrote me the most hateful letter I've ever read but, even at that cost, I felt GREAT because I got some revenge.” -Ohme, [1]

“Carol [Perkins] and I talk at least four times a week (she called this a.m.) just as I talk to Ray and Shirley Souza... All four of these poor souls have lost their freedom and their own children because some STUPID “Blankity Blank” Daughter-in-Law went into RMT therapy and turned their husbands… against their parents and grandparents believing they were Satanically abused....It’s CRAZY.....”
“Since being accused by my oldest daughter and getting close to so many other families infected by RMT and other stuff…. It really makes one believe that BIRTH CONTROL in any form should be considered at the very beginning…<GRIN>...even if you are Catholic, which I am NOT ! ! !” [9]


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