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Type of Case: Clinical

Corroboration: Childhood Hospital Records

Publication Location: Journal of Traumatic Stress

Related Cases: "Mary," "Kim", "Jackie", "Tanya"


Linda M. Williams reports five distinct case studies of women with recovered memories of abuse which are corroborated by hospital records from the time of the incidents. The fourth case is that of "Faith," who was taken to the hospital in response to abuse by her father, after her sister witnessed her coming out of her father's bedroom at age 12 and told her to tell their mother. Describing her experience of recalling the abuse, "Faith reported that there are times when she does not remember that this happened to her. She reported that periodically when she is happy, she forgets" (Williams 1995).


Williams, L. M. (1995). “Recovered Memories of Abuse in Women with Documented Histories of Child Sexual Victimization,” Journal of Traumatic Stress, Vol. 8, No. 4 (1995): 649-73.

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