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Other Cases

Some documented cases of recovered memory are not easily defined as legal or clinical. This includes cases in which legal action was proposed, but never went to trial. This also includes cases documented through forms such as memoir and personal testimony.


Ralph Cosimo’s “repressed memory of multiple instances of [sexual] abuse” by Rev. James F. Rapp of the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City in the early 1970s


Linda Lee’s recollections of child sexual abuse, which were recovered in Florida in 1992.


Diane McKenzie’s recovered memories of abuse by priest Emilio Garcia.


Angela Mitchell’s flashbacks of being sexually abused 27 years earlier by Monsignor Arthur Sego at the St. Patrick Catholic School.


Janet Ostrowski’s memories of child sexual abuse by Rev. John Mott, pastor of St. Catherine of Sienna Roman Catholic Church in Franklin Square.


Mary Staggs recovered memories of sexual abuse by Father John Lenihan, her priest in early adolescence in Anaheim, California.


Jill Stimson’s memories of childhood sexual abuse by her father. “In times of intimacy with her husband [beginning in the late 1960s], Stimson began having disturbing flashbacks”—both vague and horrifying.

Van Derbur

Marilyn Van Derbur’s recovered memories of child sexual abuse were revealed publicly in Denver, Colorado, May 1991. Her memories were corroborated by her sister, Gwen Mitchell, who had continuous memory of similar abuse and who long thought she “was the only one” sexually abused in the family (Germer).

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