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Type of Case (Legal, Clinical, Other): Other

Location (State or Country): Florida

Form of Corroboration (other victim, witness of event, family member/mother, advisory organization, confession): mother, witness


Linda Lee’s recollections of child sexual abuse, which were recovered in Florida in 1992. “Linda Lee can see flashes of her childhood. Horrendous images: a relative forcing oral sex on her when she was 3 and 4, the same man raping her when she was a teen, his big hands gripping her throat to hold her still….[Lee] says she didn’t remember one single detail of a childhood filled with sexual abuse until she was an adult. Her mother finally confirmed it this year and her abuser, when confronted, didn’t deny it.” “In the case of Linda Lee, her mom recently admitted that she knew what was going on, but was too emotionally battered herself to protect her daughter. A childhood friend told Lee last year that she once saw Lee being attacked, but was afraid to tell" (Cone).


1. Cone, T. (1992, June 7). Memories of Sex Abuse. Miami Herald.

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