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Type of Case: Clinical

Corroboration: Childhood Hospital Records

Publication Location: Journal of Traumatic Stress

Related Cases: "Mary", "Kim", "Faith", "Tanya"


Linda M. Williams reports five distinct case studies of women with recovered memories of abuse which are corroborated by hospital records from the time of the incidents. The third case is that of "Jackie," who was taken to the hospital in response to molestation by her uncle at the age of four. Jackie reported having forgotten about the abuse two years after it occurred and struggled to pinpoint exactly when she began to recall the events of the abuse, pointing to a conversation with her mother about the abuse at age 17, but also reporting not having fully remembered until age 22 (Williams 1995).


Williams, L. M. (1995). “Recovered Memories of Abuse in Women with Documented Histories of Child Sexual Victimization,” Journal of Traumatic Stress, Vol. 8, No. 4 (1995): 649-73.

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