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Type of Case: Clinical

Corroboration: Confession by Perpetrator, Other victim(s)

Publication Location: American Journal of Psychotherapy

Related Cases: "Evelyn"


Alfonso Martinez-Taboas reported on two corroborated cases of repressed and recovered memories that he observed in patients with Dissociative Identity Disorder during his clinical practice in Puerto Rico. The first is the case of "Madeline", whose memories of abuse by a cousin were corroborated by confession after she confronted him. After extended family questioning, Madeline and her mother were told confidentially by another cousin that she had also been molested by the same man as a child, corroborating Madeline's report further (Martinez-Taboas 1996).


Taboas-Martinez, A. (1996). “Repressed Memories: Some Clinical Data Contributing Toward its Elucidation,” American Journal Psychotherapy (Spring 1996), 50(2): 217-30.

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