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Alley v. Alley



Type of Case:


Location (State or Country): 


Civil or Criminal: 

Psychiatric records, Prior disclosure

Form of Corroboration: 


Alley v. Alley was a 1994 civil case from Seattle in which the plaintiff, Julie Alley, successfully sued her father, William Alley, for sexual assault in her childhood. Corroboration for Julie Alley's recovered memories which precipitated the case came in various forms. “No one in the Alleys’ family testified on the father’s behalf….[The plaintiff’s attorneys] used psychiatric records filed during William Alley’s 1970s divorce to support the family’s claim of incest and abuse" (Seven). “In addition, an unexpected witness for the plaintiff came forward during the last week of the trial, after having read about the case in the paper, to offer testimony that when she was 12 and Julie Alley was 6, Ms. Alley told her that, ‘my daddy touched me,’ and pointed to her vagina" (PR Newswire).

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