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Bryan Bacon v. Marianist Province of the US



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Bryan Bacon vs. Brother William Mueller was a 2005 civil suit filed in St. Louis, MO by Bryan Bacon after he recovered memory of 1985 abuse by his Catholic high school teacher Brother William Mueller in a 2004 therapy session. At the conclusion of the case in 2010, the judge ordered Mueller to pay Bacon $500,000 dollars in damages. Not only did Bacon secure a judgement in his favor to corroborate his memories, in addition, Mueller has been accused of sexual abuse in 24 separate civil suits in 3 states. (See Garrison).


1. Garrison, C. (2010, August 26). Bro. William Mueller: Ordered to Pay $500,000 for Sexual Assault of Vianney Student in 1980s. Riverfront Times.

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