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People v. Hoffman



Type of Case:

New York

Location (State or Country): 


Civil or Criminal: 

Other victims, Confession

Form of Corroboration: 


People v. Hoffman was a 1994 case from New York in which David Hoffman was convicted for sexually abusing the young daughter of his girlfriend 14-16 years earlier. “The woman’s first memory of the abuse came when she was typing a report regard a sexual abuse case,” working in a probation office in Grand Rapids, Michigan (Medick). The woman eventually filed a police report, and a detective interviewed Hoffman, who had been convicted in 1986 of sexually abusing children at a children’s home in Duchess County, New York. Hoffman admitted he had committed the earlier crimes while a graduate student at Ohio State University and pled guilty as charged, corroborating the recovered memories of his victim.


1. Medick, E. M. (1994, June 14). Woman's Repressed Memories of Abuse Leads to Conviction. Columbus Dispatch.

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