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R v. Warren



Type of Case:


Location (State or Country): 


Civil or Criminal: 

Other victims, Confession

Form of Corroboration: 


R v. Warren was a 1995 criminal case in Canada in which Robert Warren pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges for his abuse of Chris White, whose repressed memories of sexual abuse at Ryerson Public School 20 years ago. “Now in his mid-50s and living in British Columbia, Warren had been with the Toronto Board of Education for 23 years and had two other convictions for sexual offenses against children. One dated back to 1965 in Lindsay; the other was in British Columbia in 1988.” Warren's previous abuse convictions corrobrate White's memories even beyond Warren's guilty plea; White argues that "the board should have been aware of Warren's history and done something" (Steed).


1. Steed, J. (1995, June 7). Abuse Victim... The Toronto Star.

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