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Shazade v. Gregory

1995? 1992?


Type of Case:


Location (State or Country): 


Civil or Criminal: 


Form of Corroboration: 


Shahzade v. Gregory was a 1996 civil suit by Ann Shahzade against an older cousin for molesting her for a five-year period beginning when she was 11 years old. “Her cousin, George Gregory, a California surgeon, acknowledges he fondled her, but says he did not sexually assault her.” (Judy Rakowsky, ”Memory Expert Supports Woman,” Boston Globe, April 10, 1996: 26.) Note: “fondling” is sexual assault under the criminal laws of virtually every state. In his deposition, Gregory admitted to a series of fondling incidents that occurred over a 12-to-16-month period, corroborating Shahzade's memories. (Deposition of George Gregory, May 10, 1995, pages 80-83; he admitted to additional fondling on pages 133-135.) The defendant settled the case after this decision was rendered; there is a gag order prohibiting release of the settlement amount. (Massachusetts federal district court, Docket No. 92-12139-H)


1. Rakowsky, J. (1996, April 10). Memory Expert Supports Woman. The Boston Globe.

2. Shahzade v. Gregory Massachusetts federal district court, Docket No. 92-12139-H

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