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State of Rhode Island v. Anthony Rubino



Type of Case:

Rhode Island

Location (State or Country): 


Civil or Criminal: 


Form of Corroboration: 


State of Rhode Island v. Anthony Rubino was a 1995 criminal case in which Rubino was convicted on one count of indecent assault of a child and two counts of rape based on a 28-year-old woman’s flashbacks of repeated rape by her stepfather during the 1970s. “On April 15, 1996, Associate Justice Frank J. Williams denied a motion to block certain evidence derived from the alleged victim’s ‘repressed’ memories, saying that the credibility of the evidence is a matter for the jury to decide” (Chivers). The defendant pleaded no contest to Indecent Assault of a Child on May 30, 1996.


1. Chivers, C. J. (1996, April 16). Ex-police captain’s rape trial set to begin this summer. Providence Journal-Bulletin.

2. See case P1-1995-1329A in the online database on Rhode Island criminal court records.

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