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Thomas v. Freeman



Type of Case:

North Carolina

Location (State or Country): 


Civil or Criminal: 

Witness of event

Form of Corroboration: 


Thomas v. Freeman was a 1995 civil case from North Carolina which resulted in a unanimous jury verdict for Shirley Thomas against her father, Velton Freeman, “for decades-old, once-repressed memories of horrific physical and sexual abuse….Witnesses corroborated Thomas’ claims with their own memories of Freeman hitting, bruising and cursing Thomas; of him carrying her out of her bedroom at night and her returning later in tears; of Thomas being terrified of his wrath; and of Thomas’ mother leaving [the] marriage and the household in 1962 or ’63, long before her mother and sister claimed it occurred in 1966" (Warren).


1. See five-part series beginning with: Warren Lucas, J. (1995, June 13). Jury Awards $600,000 in abuse case. Sanford Herald.

2. Lee County, North Carolina, unanimous jury verdict, June 22, 1995; Case No. 93 CVS 831; upheld by North Carolina Court of Appeals, November 19, 1996; No. COA96-226

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