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Pamela Freyd is lying about her own foundation’s newsletter

In an article that is critical of the now-defunct False Memory Syndrome Foundation, Katie Heaney recently reported the following:

In the foundation’s newsletter dated February 29, 1992 (not included in its online archive), in an article titled “How Do We Know That We Are Not Representing Pedophiles,” Freyd explained why she thought it unlikely that the group’s hundreds of members included any perpetrators: “We are a good-looking bunch of people, graying hair, well dressed, healthy, smiling; just about every person who has attended is someone you would surely find interesting and want to count as a friend.”

Pamela Freyd has disputed this, claiming, in a letter published online, that:

“In fact, the FMSF did not form until March of that year and had no newsletters in February 1992.”

That is a lie. Here are the receipts, proving precisely what Heaney reported.

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