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Mike Stanton

Role: Investigative Journalist
Impact: Wrote critically about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation’s media coverage for the Columbia Journalism Review.

Mike Stanton is a Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalist and a professor of journalism at the University of Connecticut. He wrote for the Providence Journal as an investigative journalist, exposing corruption within the supreme court of Rhode Island.

Stanton received the Nieman fellowship at Stanford to write "U-Turn on Memory Lane” for the Columbia Journalism Review. In this article, he investigates the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and its media coverage, reporting how and why the foundation became popular with the press. He exposes the foundation as unscientific, and details the accusations of abuse that prompted Pam and Peter Freyd to originally found the organization.
“The foundation is an aggressive, well-financed p.r. machine adept at manipulating the press [and] harassing its critics.”

Previously, Mike wrote an article covering [Ross Chiet's Case].

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