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“A Big To-Do About Nothing”

Does the False Memory Syndrome Foundation view child sexual abuse as a serious problem? They have always claimed to care about sexual abuse and Pamela Freyd has always responded with indignation to this question. But there is remarkable evidence, in a new documentary by Mary Knight, of the cavalier attitude that Eleanor Goldstein has about incestuous sexual touch and about a father who expressed sexual interest in his 13-year-old daughter. Goldstein, a major backer of the Foundation, who co-authored a book with Pamela Freyd, makes her view clear: she considers concern about incestuous sexual touch “a big to-do about nothing.” Will Pamela Freyd disavow these comments? We doubt that she will.

You can support Knight’s documentary, “Am I Crazy? My Journey to Determine if My Memories Are True?,” at this Kickstarter page.

[vimeo 179505273 w=640 h=360]

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